Art Pro Mpa Ii Mic Pre Preamplifier Tube 2 Channel Vgc Tested #2 $458 88

Further LED bar-graph meters, labelled Tube Warmth and set between the VU meters, show the amount of tube drive being used. While the mic inputs and balanced XLR and TRS jack outputs are on the rear panel, a high‑impedance instrument input is conveniently positioned on the front panel, this taking precedence over the mic input when connected. A rear‑panel button allows the output level to be set to +4dBu or ‑10dBv, and the meter calibration automatically follows this setting. First off, I’m actually a big supporter of ART products. Ive always felt like their quality standard is higher than most for an affordable (and many times, “cheap”) product. I own the DJ Pre, and the MPA GOLD so I have a reasonable idea of how well their products hold up, etc.

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  • Southern Technical College is a private two-year college that operates a campus in Tampa.
  • I was searching for a true tube preamp that wasnt very expensive.
  • Initially, I purchased it on the advice of my local sound tech as I was looking to add quiet gain to a pair of Apex 205 ribbon mics that I had purchased.
  • Today we focus on National Photojournalism Championship 2022 Finalist in Photo, Jack Weaver, from University of Florida who received a $1500 scholarship and Hearst Medallion.

Hey, you can spend thousands and be real happy, but trust me, this box is no slouch. In a nutshell, the Pro MPA2 is great value for money. This degree of drive would probably only be used on certain instruments, or maybe as an obvious effect on some pop and urban vocal styles. Lastly, I did not care for its stereo operation mode either.

Artpro Mpa Ii Microphone Preamp

Separate balanced analog outputs and multiple digital I/O all offer individual level controls allowing simultaneous use. Additional high-Z 1/4-inch inputs make the MPA Gold and Digital MPA perfect high quality DI in studio or high profile live applications. Bringing the drive down to a low level and switching on the high tube-voltage brought about a subtle thickening of the sound, which, again, I found musically useful. In combination with a higher drive level, the sound again became progressively warm, then thick, then quite distorted as the pre‑tube gain was increased.

Vintage Joe Meek Pro Channel Vc3 Microphone Preamplifier Joemeek

The Civil War ended in April 1865 with a Confederate defeat. In May 1865, federal troops arrived in Tampa to occupy the fort and the town as part of Reconstruction. Early Spanish explorers interacted most extensively with the Tocobaga, whose principal town was at the northern end of Old Tampa Bay near today’s Safety Harbor in Pinellas County. While there is a substantial historical record of the Tocobaga , there is less surviving documentation describing the Pohoy, who lived near the mouth of the Hillsborough River near today’s downtown Tampa. However, evidence suggests that the language and culture of the Pohoy and other lesser-known groups around the bay were very similar to that of the Tocobaga. The shores of Tampa Bay have been inhabited for thousands of years.

But the most frustrating thing is the VU meter lights that keep burning out within 30 days of replacement. I have a rack of vintage gear in my studio and have been recording for 20+ years. Most of my gear with VU meters are over 40 years old and I have yet to replace a light in any one of them. The studio is dimly lit for a warm atmosphere to record with all the gear glowing.

Downtown Tampa also contains some nightlife, and there are more clubs/bars to be found in other areas of the city. Tampa is rated sixth on Maxim magazine’s list of top party cities. The Ybor City District is home to several buildings on the National Register of Historic Places and has been declared a National Historic Landmark.

Help other music gear aficionados by sharing your opinions of gear you’ve purchased. Hmm, we don’t have any listings for this product right now. Standard version £316; Limited Edition £349; with digital output £448. The rear panel of the MPA Pro2 sports balanced analogue inputs and outputs, and +4dBU/-10dBV switching.

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